It’s an immersive experience that requires the participation of the audience. In an ambition to create a collective experience we would synch our day and night dreaming rituals and try to dream one big dream together. The project was highly inspired by C.G Jung (who was also the husband of my grandmother's sister, hence special interest;)) and by modern dream research which came up with the idea of dream infusion and dream hacking, which means that in this unexplored ocean that is the world of our dreams, we can place buoys to have bit of control over what’s happening there.

And what C.G.Jung was suggesting was that the moment we close our eyes we no longer are an individual but we are one dreaming collective. We are connected through the language of symbols and there are no barriers between us anymore.

Participants were invited to create their own dream companion and a dream puppet. We created breathing rituals and gave dream journaling prompts. Because the only way to connect a community that will never meet IRL is through rituals and trying to get them to do the same things at the same time. The project itself took place online and was accompanied by an art installation in Vienna, at a Red Carpet Award Showroom.

Connective Dreaming is the first chapter of a bigger project called “Which way to happy” and the start of a collaboration with the mixed media artist Claudia Six.


dream companion