The United Nations (UN) says that cities represent the future of living. Over half of the world’s population is located in urban areas with an upwards trend toward 70% by 2050. They take up only 3% of the land on earth, but account for 60% to 80% of energy consumption and over 70% of carbon emissions. Therefore, in tackling global warming, the decarbonization of cities is key. On 20 March 2024, at our “tech for” event in Shanghai, we focused on the question: How can technology enable sustainable megacities?

Approximately 25% of China’s population lives in megacities like Shanghai. To live sustainably we must take action to rejuvenate and decarbonize our cities, our planet, our livelihoods, and all life on Earth. While companies and individuals are transitioning towards low carbon emission practices in their operations and consumption, COP27 has described global progress in addressing the climate issue as 'slow.' Industry leaders and affiliates should collaborate to develop and implement sustainable solutions for megacities.

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