The planet is in motion: Temperature is rising - the environment is changing – decarbonization

Temperature is rising. In over 140 years, average global temperature has increased by over 1° Celsius. A significant amount, which is beginning to leave its marks - globally. We are already seeing and feeling the resulting environmental changes. Just looking at the U.S. State of California, where this tech for event takes place: The “Golden State” is one of the world’s most volatile climates. And global warming is making it even more volatile. The result: ever increasing heat waves, droughts, wildfires, storms and at the same time fast progressing sea level rise. But this is just a taste of what’s to come above 1.5° Celsius. In comparison, a five-degree drop covered a large part of North America under a mass of ice over 20,000 years ago. A wake-up call for all of us: It is our duty to act now and stop global warming – for our planet and humanity.

Green transformation – across sectors – clean energy as the prerequisite

We must combine all our efforts worldwide, across sectors - from industrial processes, cities and buildings, to mobility and transport - to jointly build the foundation for a sustainable tomorrow. But, these sectors all have one thing in common: they need energy - a lot of energy. Today, global power generation remains the biggest emission driver with 88 percent of power still being generated from fossil fuels and only 12 percent from renewables. This shows: clean energy is the backbone of the green transformation. But there’s still a long way ahead…

In my role as a creative director I was not only responsible for the on-site direction and the setup, but also for the look and feel of the live stream.